Judge William T. Marshall sentenced a Scioto County man yesterday to two life sentences consecutively for aggravated murder in the beating and shooting deaths of Bob DeHart, 83, of Lucasville, and Nancy Culp, 65, also of Lucasville. Anthony C. Colvin, 33, of Riddlebarger Road, Portsmouth, entered pleas of guilty to two separate counts of aggravated murder rather than face a jury trial in the April 13, 2016 homicides on Greenbrier Road.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a call that a neighbor had gone to a house on Greenbrier Road in Lucasville and found two people unresponsive on the floor.   Officers and medical personnel arrived to find DeHart and Culp fatally wounded from gunshots and from blunt force trauma. Following tips from people in the community, Detectives learned that Colvin visited the home the day before the murders and had come back that day. After a manhunt of several days it was learned that Colvin had fled the scene and was trying to leave the county. Sheriff’s detectives and Southern Ohio Drug Task Force Officers tracked Colvin by use of electronic equipment and finally captured him hiding in Adams County.

“This was a case in which the defendant was blasted on drugs and intended to rob the victims,” said Assistant Prosecutor Pat Apel, who along with Assistant Prosecutor Julie Hutchinson prosecuted the case for the State.   “Mr. DeHart, who was an acquaintance of the defendant, had helped him out by buying him gas and giving him money. The defendant used some of the money to buy drugs and returned to steal more money.”

Colvin had served a prison term for burglary and theft and had spent time unsuccessfully in rehab treatment. Colvin will not meet the parole board for the first time until he has served 40 years of his sentence.


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