April 3, 2017

With a jury seated in the courthouse hallway ready for selection, a Dayton couple changed their pleas to guilty rather than face the evidence marshalled against them. Marlin K. Robinson, 23, and Carlisha Hill, 23, both of the Dayton area, were sentenced on four counts of heroin trafficking to ten years in prison.

The Southern Ohio Drug Task Force opened an investigation of heroin transportation from Dayton to Portsmouth and distribution in Mound Park. In January 2017, Task Force Officers arranged for hand- to-hand purchases on the streets in the Mound Park area as well as in the park itself.  Seizure of the Defendants’ cell phones revealed text messages of heroin sales in the Portsmouth and Wheelersburg area as far back as June 2016. The Scioto County Grand Jury returned indictments against the pair on February12, 2017, after a search warrant was executed at a residence on Franklin Avenue in Portsmouth.

According to information submitted to the Court by Assistant Prosecutors Pat Apel and Julie Hutchinson, the heroin being transported from Dayton contained fentanyl.

“Fentanyl and heroin are a deadly combination,” said Assistant Prosecutor Apel. “One of the Defendants boasted that this batch was so strong that a purchaser in Dayton earlier took one sniff and fell over completely unconscious.”

A third Defendant, Timothy Smith, of Portsmouth will stand trial at a later date. Robinson has a prior trafficking conviction for selling heroin to a Dayton undercover officer. He is on probation on that offense.   Hill is pending trial for heroin trafficking.

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