Criminal Division

The Criminal Division is responsible for prosecuting all adult felony criminal cases that occur within Scioto County.  Cases handled by this division include all felony violations of the laws of this State. Common examples of felony crimes include offenses against society in general (vandalism, drug abuse, trafficking in drugs, etc.), property offenses (breaking and entering, burglary, theft and receiving stolen property) and offenses of violence (assault, rape and murder).

The primary goal and responsibility of prosecutors is to find the truth and to seek justice.  Prosecutors do not seek to merely convict those accused of crimes for the sake of maintaining a conviction rate.  Prosecuting attorneys have enormous power and impact within the criminal justice system in their respective jurisdictions and if that power is not used wisely it can have devastating results.

While a defense attorney has an ethical duty to protect only the rights of the person he or she defends, a prosecuting attorney represents all of the people, and has an ethical and legal duty to see that all of the people, including the defendant, are treated fairly. Therefore, the Prosecuting Attorney must protect the rights of honest citizens and their property, the rights of the victims, and even the rights of those charged with crimes against the state, property, or other citizens.