Victim Rights


As the victim or witness of a violent crime,
you have the . . . . .

  •  Right to receive information about Crime Victim Rights.
  •  Right to appoint a representative.
  •  Right to receive current information about the criminal investigation.
  •  Right to be notified when the offender is arrested or released before trial.
  •  Right to reasonable return of property.
  •  Right to information from and meaningful discussion with the prosecutor.
  •  Right to be free from intimidation.
  •  Right to meaningful participation during trial.
  •  Right to make a statement at sentencing about the impact of the crime.
  •  Right to participate in criminal proceedings without jeopardizing employment status.
  •  Right to receive notice if violent offender escapes custody before trial or sentencing.
  •  Right to receive information after sentencing.
  •  Right to information and input about adult defendant’s incarceration and parole status.
  •  Right to request an Anti-Stalking Protection Order.
  •  Other Special Rights concerning Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Child Abuse.